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Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that you receive only the best products available. Produced under strict laboratory conditions and monitored for top quality control, all SPOREPOD products are Guaranteed to be 100% STERILE, PURE AND VIABLE. The SPOREPOD syringe systems use only the purest, most prolific, professionally isolated strains to produce premium quality spores and tissue culture specimens. Our guarantee ensures that you receive the highest concentration of pure, isolated mycology specimens available.


The SPOREPOD.COM 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee ENSURES:

Your purchases are protected by our 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will offer a full replacement item or exchange – GUARANTEED (shipping cost applies).

Please Note: For optimal results and guaranteed success, we recommend using SPOREPOD products in conjuction with the myco-technology offered by

If you have an issue to report, please contact our Customer Service Centre. Our representatives will happily assist you.